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I’m surprised the enormous demonstrations in Tel Aviv not getting more coverage, but then again it’s pushed down the news list in a lot of organisations because it’s a demonstration against an extreme right wing government.

Violet didn't know that Debian releases are named after Toy Story, did you know this?


There is no shortage of talent in this world. There is a shortage of opportunity.

World first.
Iridium #satcom #ACARS data from #Hawaii
I'm beyond excited to start digging into the data, but just had to share the map right now.

And yes, it really is a world first. No one has been doing #Iridium ACARS much at all and for sure, never from Hawaii.
Raw data on my site in 3.....2......

The only answer to legislative acts of genocide is all-out retaliation. This precedent must be overturned by any means necessary. And no, you don't back down from preventing genocide just because of the "law." The "law" is what is enabling this genocide against transgender and non-binary people. It's time to fight back. The Tennessee state government is yet another rogue, fascist Republican menace.

RE the LastPass breach and attackers targeting employees home computer: if your organization adds people's personal GitHub account to their GitHub org, then all of the GitHub user's SSH keys can pull from all of the GitHub org's repos this includes the user's personal SSH key they have on their home PC. GitHub Enterprise users can setup SSO and authorize new user's SSH keys, however one can still lazily authorize a user's personal SSH key that they also have on their home PC. Non-enterprise GitHub orgs do not have access to SAML or SSO.

You might want to setup GitHub SSO, generate new SSH keys with ecdsa-sk paired to a security key to confirm presence (this prevents an attacker from running git clone on the user's PC while the SSH key is cached into ssh-agent via ssh-add), generate the SSH keys for the user and store them in TPM or a YubiKey, or create a separate company-only GitHub account for each user that is only used on company laptops.
#ssh #security #git #github

I'd rather not use #discord but I'm having issues with #hamsOverIP and I'm sure that's a good place to get help.
(It works on mobile network but not over virgin media broadband. Yes I have tried sip alg off and on and port forwarding)

So I try discord, it let's me give a username.
Then it asks if I'm a robot.
Then it says it needs to validate and email and asks for a password.
The email never arrives. I try this a few times.
No email.

Guess I'll not get any help :alex_rolling_eyes:

If you are joining Mastodon today, please post a bio and picture before you start following people. It makes building a community so much easier.

#twittermigration #Twitter #Mastodon

Twitter outage sees users told they are over daily tweet limit bbc.in/3YiQcTO

How likely is it that you will still be on Mastodon a year from now?


Wow, after 25 years of Unix experience, I learned that you can filter output in #less.

Press ampersand (&) and enter a regex to show only lines matching the regex.

Press ampersand (&) and then exclamation mark (!) to apply an inverse filter.

The fact you're looking at this on an ActivityPub-enabled Fediverse app demonstrates that a community of focused individuals can create a global-scale network around an open standard that rivals (or, frankly, beats) pretty much anything capitalism could create, even at its 'best'.

And these communities create without profit motive - just because they share a vision and think it'd be a good thing. All they require is sustainability, not exploitative profit.

I think that's worth celebrating.

Meta has reinstated Trump on all of its platforms without consulting with its Oversight Board. So that's fun.


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